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A Discord server based on the arts of Music and Film



  1. Use all channels only for their intended purpose


2. Cursing is allowed, as long as it is used within reason. No excess use of profanity.

3. Do not rudely insult the content of other members. If something should be                    changed or removed, then suggest it be made nicely.

4. Be kind to all fellow members of The Studio, especially the admin. We are a family        here.

5. All personal conflicts should be resolved in DMs or in the venting channel.      Try to keep the server positive.


6.No inappropriate content unless used in the spam channel. However, you     must keep it on a down low.


7. Do NOT mention other members for no reason or as a joke. It's not funny.


8. If someone is annoyed and tells you to stop, then stop.

9. Do not attempt to label other peoples' content as your own. If we get              reports of this happening you will not be warned, but immediately kicked      from the server.


10. Any memes or content that could be considered "toxic" must be put in          the spam channel. Many of the staff, and the owner, do not appreciate            that kind of content contaminating the general chat.


11. All admin are to report to the owner every Sunday before midnight.                Failure to do so causes said admin to lose creditability, and after several        fails, they will lose their admin role.


12. Respect the music preferences of others. If multiple members who are            listening to music say they do not like rap, then don't play rap. Majority          rule. However, that doesn't mean you should just say you don't like                  everything they're listening to so you can get what you want. If that is            the case, join another music vc.

Failure to comply with all rules will result in one warning. You get three warnings from a moderator, the admin manager, or the owner before you will be server muted for 24 hours. while server muted, you can see all channales within The Studio, but you will not be able to type in any of them.

   After that you get three more chances. If you waste those, you will be kicked from the server. You may return in one week, however if the disruptions continue, you will be banned.

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